It takes volunteers each week to execute our programs and worship services with excellence. Our faith is made visible and alive through our works of ministry.


Serving is the heart of the gospel (Mark 10:45) and your service has the potential to impact lives and change the world. Get connected to the mission of the church by joining a team today! 


Volunteering is easy! Look at the below many opportunities to volutneer. Click here to volunteer.   


We’re excited for you to join our team!


We love that out-of-the-box thinking! Our communications team offers opportunities for you to be as creative as God made you be. From photography to social media content planning, designing graphics, creating animations, and more, there’s a place for you on our team. 


Current Opportunities: photographer, graphic designer, social media content planner, animator, website builder, app builder


At Real Life Church SFL, we are all about making great first impressions. From directing cars, greeting people at the door, or providing information about our church, the Guest Services team does it all while creating a warm and welcoming environment. 


Current Opportunities: door greeter, information hosts, aisle hosts, communion prep, and prayer team members (this volunteer position requires training)


You are invited to join this fun-filled team as they help kids and their families connect with Jesus! Right now this service happens every 4th Sunday, but we want to expand it.  Will you help with the expansion?


Current Opportunities: welcome team, elementary team


Our online team brings the experience of worship, prayer, and community to viewers all over the world each week. We have technicians, administrators, hosts, prayer leaders, and conversation guides. If you are passionate about technology, worship, and the global community this team needs you. 


Current Opportunities: online hosts ( FB and YouTube), online prayer hosts, technical volunteers


Connecting people to the mission is a key part of who we are and what we do at One Church. It is one way to show the love of Christ to a hurting world. We have opportunities to serve locally, regionally, and globally.


Current Opportunities: Each month we offer outreach opportunities to help our community and connect with local partners through Love Our City.


Each week people come, text, or call Real Life Church SFL looking for hope and healing. They are weighed down with the cares of life and need someone who can listen, pray and provide encouragement.


Current Opportunities: prayer team member


Our Production team exists to create outstanding environments free from distraction where life-changing moments happen as the result of an encounter with Jesus. They support the music and the speaking and are responsible for making sure that as many people as possible are able to connect with the message. Whether young or old, experienced or just passionate, everyone has a place on this creative team.


Current Opportunities: stage manager, lighting operator, camera operator, video engineer, audio engineer, producer,  switcher


We believe that our lives and our music are to meet God’s standards for worship. This is for his glory and a shared passion for connecting people to him, his people, and his mission (Eccl 9:10, 2 Cor 5:13). This team consists of vocalists, musicians, and artists that are dedicated to providing a worship experience that best glorifies God.


Current Opportunities: vocalist, musician, creatives